Monday, 8 December 2014

Week 7

I would recommend this course to another class, as it has really brought us together as a class and it helps it with finding out about real life, and what it takes to run a city.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Week 6

Minecraft Week 6

This week before we went to Minecraft we had a few questions to answer, about the building we built, why we chose that building and questions to answer in our police station tour video.

At minecraft we did our normal routine of doing our pre-comment padlet before we began, so here it is :-)

After this, we were the first group (as the police station) to make our tour video. I thought was a great way to get our inner thoughts of why we chose the design features, materials and furnishings. Here are a few of our answers

Why did you choose the material that you did for the main building?
We chose lapis lazuli because of the colour, in australasia police buildings are commonly blue. Also, it doesn't set fire when lightning strikes, or disappear when water hits it (wool)!

Why did you choose bedrock for the cells?
Because we might of been switching to survival, (but we run out of time) and in survival, its unbreakable. 

Why did you choose the location?
Because its close to a whole community of building, and water, near the beach, so you can speed out on a boat to catch people speeding on the water? or shooting people? or grieving the beach?

What ideas did you have to turn down?
we had to turn down the ideas of a cooler room, a potion storage room, a court and a prisoner courtyard, due to time issues and space.

After the video I finished the last of the test road, it is made out of black stained clay  for the main road area and wool for the road lines. I also used stone half slabs for the footpath. I have to say, it turned out really well, but we are definitely not going to get all the roads finished. You'll find out why further through the blog.

At the end of the minecraft session, we did the regular routine again, and had a few people sharing their creations. Here is the post-comment padlet

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Next week, we have a double minecraft session, because it is our LAST session :.-( ,
but,  hopefully I get lots done.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Week 5

MineCraft Week 5

This week I got basically nothing done. Someone in room 19 logged in incorrectly and blocked me and Samantha out. Anyway, I was going to work on the roads because we finished the police station! So what I did was, made a video of what I did in the police stations, why I chose the material, & what are the features.

The best part was making a video,, AS I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE. But thanks to Danny for trying to sort it out anyway.

With the roads we are starting to build, which have black stained clay with white wool for the lines. It looks very effective. It's going to look amazing, finished, but, I problem I faced was when the boys I was working with started to put glow stone all the way around the outside and then putting fences in the middle of the road. WOULDN'T THAT BE A PROBLEM IF YOU TURNED RIGHT? In NZ we drive on the left side of the road.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Week 4

In week 4, we got the police station done! We all worked on different areas, I was working on the cells, but I was surprised I got it all done, the time flew by so fast!
My goal today was to have a can do attitude towards my group and build, which I think helped the build go a lot faster. Everyone in my group had a can do attitude, resulting in us finishing the police station. Everybody wanted to look at the police station, which made me and my group feel good. Our police station includes, a reception room, 4 cells (2 people per cell), a canteen, and secret room if robbers plan a raid?!

A problem we faced was when everybody just came in while we were building, and getting us stuck in the cells! This was very annoying as we could do nothing about it, except call for someone to get us out. We solved these problems by asking people to not come into the police station without permission, this also was a solution for many other people with the same problem as us.

The whole city is now coming together, lots of things are finished, then we can move on to the wants! YAY!

Me and Rylee have an idea of making a clothes shop, using armour stands, I think this will look good!
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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 3

In week three we made good progress on the police station, as we started that day and finished all the building, tomorrow we will get on with furnishing. Also, we had build the flat land to build the police station on during that time!

My goal this week was to share my ideas with everybody in my group, everyone was doing this so it made our build go faster. I have an idea that we could have police horses, that wear diamond armour and be the only horses that do so, so that they can be recognised. I completed this goal, as I worked hard and talked to Rylee and Tom.

In my group we built everything including the sign, I was very happy with the progress, except we still have to furnish the whole entire building.